Our commitments

A brand at your service

Protect, enjoy!

Abriblue controls every step in your project and is delighted to be able to design your ideal slatted safety cover.

Because purchasing an Abriblue cover combines peace of mind and aesthetics; Abriblue lets you give your pool style!

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Quality is key for our manufacturing processes

Abriblue offers French quality in a wide range of models to suit all pool configurations and budgets.

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Innovation lies at the heart of Abriblue development

Our Research and Development teams share their know-how and experience.

You have experienced resources, a unique patent database and recognised brands at your disposal: everything you need to provide your clientèle with the best answers.

Start benefiting from the greatest capacity for innovation on the market when it comes to safety covers today.

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Blue water and a green conscience

Slatted cover solutions are often chosen for safety as they offer a reliable way to protect your family, especially children.

However, there are many other important benefits that are good for your wallet, your comfort and for the environment.

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