Abriblue is also your partner for local authority public swimming pools.


• Pragmatic response to the issue of energy savings.

• Reduce and control heating and operating costs.

Efficient and comfortable

• Pool access is very easy to manage.

• Pool users can enjoy swimming outside in winter.

• Serious swimmers appreciate the effectiveness of open-air training.

• The use of indoor and outdoor pools is optimised.

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• Optimum protection system against accidental falls into the pool.

• Products tested to withstand a moving 100 Kg load.

• Integration suited to pool operating limitations.


• Integrated design office.

• Solutions for all forms and dimensions of pools.

• Fixed or mobile installation under the water, on the surface or outside the pool.

• Special mechanical system, dual motors, multiple slats.

• Expertise in all installation techniques.

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Full assistance

• Design and costing.

• Support in building tender documentation and bids.

• Calculation of thermal savings and insulation generated by the slat cover.

• Manufacture.

• Logistics management.

• Installation.

• Cleaning and maintenance agreements.


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