Slat covers

I want to give my pool some style

  • 83 mm slats for excellent floatability, thanks to the large volume of air they contain
  • Plug watertightness guaranteed by ultrasound welding technology
  • UV Treatment.
  • Compliant with standard NF P 90-308


Opaque PVC slats
Polycarbonate slats

White, Sable, Blue, Light grey, Galet grey.

Limits evaporation and maintains the water temperature.

Clear, Blue-tinted Translucent, Black Fumée, Two-ply Mother of pearl, Two-ply Clear/Black and Blue-tinted two-ply.

Water heating power, adds between 6 and 8 degrees depending on the colour.

Outstanding resistance to extreme conditions (high/low temperatures and hail), 8 times stronger than a PVC slat.

Slat finish

The plugs are equipped with removable wings, which allow them to be perfectly adapted to the pool’s dimensions.





Our slatted covers are supplied with a set of wings equipped with guide wheels on the first cover slat, thereby improving movement and minimising friction with the pool covering.


Optional brush wings:

They minimise the flow of impurities into the pool and reduce the clearance between the brushes and the pool wall.

The slats can be cut square (standard finish), or shaped (depending on the slat type) to perfectly adapt to your pool shape.
Square finish
Shaped finish