Aesthetic and easy to maintain

BANC is an encased automatic above-water slatted cover combining safety, aesthetics and a relaxing area.

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White or wood colour, the choice is yours.
The imitation wood is the result of a film coating process.
Coating on PVC has the advantage of being aesthetic while remaining stable over time: longevity, appearance, geometry and mechanics (no expansion).
It is easy to maintain.


The box casing allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as easier cleaning.

The BANC is also available in the following versions:

  • Static
  • Mobile: BANC SURF System: used to cover oval, polygon, kidney shaped pools, etc. while preserving the aesthetics of the pool deck.
  • solar

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banc_classic_amovible_en_01 banc_classic_fixe_en_01 banc_classic_mobile_en_01 banc_classic_solar_en_01
⩾ 2x 2 m
⩽ 6 x 12 m
(+ 1 step unit R 1.5 m)
alimentation secteur-01
Mains power supply
picto_solaire_volets_Plan de travail 1
Solar power supply
Motor, slat cover and structure guarantees
Slow Mode (Banc Classic only)
Compliant with standard NF P 90-308
pictogarantie3-01-1 copie
Evaporation limitation
Heating power
qualite eau
Water quality

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